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Selimut emergency survival ini adalah berbentuk seperti sleeping bag, bisa digunakan berulang. Namun pengunaan yang berat akan membuat nya rusak.

1 used in the low temperature environment, can keep the heat of the self is not distributed to 90%
2.. Can be used as a picnic pad
3 strong reflection, easier to let the rescue personnel found, is the necessary tool for survival in the wild.
3.In the sleeping bag with a layer of first aid blanket can improve the insulation ability, to ensure that the temperature of sleep is good.
4. Emergency cold sleeping bag, the rest can be used as a sleeping bag, cut off the outside air, to warm effect
5 the size of the palm of the sleeping bag, sleeping bag type design,
ultra-thin, easy to close, easy to carry
6 in the outdoor environment, this product is the international general emergency rescue essential goods, is suitable for the field exploration, the investigation, the traveling, the disaster occurrence time use.

Material: PET film
Thickness: 12UM micron (0.0012cm)
Size: 200*100cm, folding 17*13*4cm
Color: Silver

Note: This product is not ripping and wrong use, easy to damage

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